Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | July 8, 2008

hello world

So I’ve finally started a blog. I’ve been musing about doing this for weeks now, but would struggle with a username (apparently I’m the last person in the world to start a blog) and what I really wanted it to be about. Somehow a light finally turned on today when I realized that I should use my old email address. mbsings was a part of my life for 10 years and so many people knew that as a way to reach me. Even though it’s not my email anymore and I’m no longer “mb,” it seemed a fitting place to start.

So why a blog? Writing has always been a place for me to make sense of some of the random items floating around my head. I used to be diligent about journal writing but my beautiful daughter seems to have taken away that ability. A ton of people warned me about that, but this was definitely something I had to experience to fully understand – as much of motherhood is. The other reason that a blog seemed to make sense is that so many of the people who are truly important to me don’t get to see me or talk to me on any kind of a regular basis. It doesn’t hurt that I’m currently bored out of my mind at work and seriously need something to keep me busy.

Hopefully, this will be an interesting blog with posts about what’s going on in my life (as opposed to just the munchkin’s life), items that I find interesting and musings about our journey to find and start our life post-residency.

Let the musings begin!


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