Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | July 18, 2008

mindless chatter

Getting used to writing here is definitely a challenge. There are all sorts of things flying around my head, but I’m not completely comfortable with the idea of putting it down on a computer for anyone to see. Granted, I haven’t told anyone about this blog yet, so its just for me, but at some point I might actually share my insanity. Back in the day when I was good at keeping a journal there were definitely things that I wrote that no one else should ever ever read (ok, maybe when I’m dead and gone). So I’m treading in unusual territory now. I also have to be careful not to use names which is totally foreign to me.

The big thing going on these days is that the man is looking for a job which also means that we are looking for a new home. I’ve been waiting for this day to come for quite some time, but now that it is truly here it is rather freaky. He’s started to interview in a few places (phone interviews and then in person) and he’s trying to find a position that he could truly feel comfortable with. Then you add to the mix that a) we’d like to be near some family and b) I truly feel the need to be in a decent sized community where we wouldn’t be the token Jews. The bigger cities are more competitive and often require fellowships, so that makes this whole thing challenging.

I think I just want the whole to be over. Its really stressful to not know where you’re going to be and to be sending out resumes. There are a lot of practices out there, but they aren’t necessarily in cities we want to be in. Seriously, I’m not moving to Alaska, I don’t care if they pay a starting salary of $800,000. There are also a ton of jobs in Maine, but no.

The munchkin keeps me incredibly busy and she’s just so much fun. I love to see her with her daddy enjoying each other. Her latest thing that completely makes my heart melt is that if you ask for a hug, she’ll usually come up and give you one. We’re constantly trying to figure out new things to do in the summer heat…that’s the other thing about moving, I can’t wait until we have a house that is big enough to have a playroom for her. Right now, everything is in the living room and she just doesn’t have enough space.

It’ll all come together, patience just is not one of my strong suits.


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