Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | August 28, 2008


The munchkin is not herself. I’m not sure if she’s sick or not, we’re waiting it out to see if tonight is any better than the last two and I really hope that I don’t wind up taking her to the doctor in the morning. First we thought it was nightmares, but now its a mixture of so many things from teeth to insane mosquito bites and sheer over-exhaustion. It’s really horrible to see your child not feel well and not be able to help her at all. I feel completely beat up and I really don’t want to have to sleep on the floor again.

But the thing is, even with the munchkin’s being out of sorts, I really have to consider myself lucky. A friend’s sister had her second child last week and the poor thing is in the NICU on a respirator and sedatives. He has pneumonia and just has tubes everywhere. The munch has generally been pretty healthy – save for that lovely bout with RSV.

Parenthood is definitely the hardest yet most rewarding challenge I have ever faced. This tiny life is so reliant on you for everything and I as a mother constantly question whether or not I’m doing a good job. There is no handbook. I’ve found that so many people try to make it look easy and it isn’t. But I wouldn’t give it up for anything.


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