Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | September 4, 2008

walking in the rain

It’s raining here in Kansas today but the munchkin really likes to spend time outside. We got home and she started clamoring “backpack backpack.” What that means in munchkin-speak is that it was time to go for a walk in the backpack. Here’s an old picture (from June) so you can see it in action.

This is our fabulous Kelty backpack. What a great purchase! We knew that at some point we were going to need a backpack because the munchkin outgrew her Bjorn last October. Researching them drove me slightly crazy, but we picked this one in time for our last trip to NY because it travels a little easier then the metal frame carriers and works for shorter hikes. Well, the munchkin loves it and today we took a walk with me holding an umbrella over both of our heads. We’re really glad she loves being outside as much as she does.


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