Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 15, 2008

moving forward

Ugh….I am so bored at work. But I guess that’s one of the few times that I actually post. Silver lining, right?

Anyway, I’m finally getting back into doing some things for me as opposed to just to be a good mommy and wife. I have to because there are just so many other stressors going on right now that I have to find a way to keep myself sane.
Gym – I’m finally going to the gym again! I’m taking this group personal training class using Kenesis equipment. It’s a really cool class that is a complete mix of strength training and cardio and it focuses on balance and core training. I’ve always preferred working with a personal trainer, but I can’t stomach the cost. This class is only $8 a session – score!

Knitting – I finally finished the munchkins blanket and am on to a new project! I haven’t taken a picture of the finished project, but at some point I will.

The job front is still frustrating. I am completely not in control and sort of watching and cheering on from the sidelines. It’s not a fun experience whatsoever….actually, its incredibly stressful.

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