Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 21, 2008

I screamed at the radio this morning….

I was listening to NPR this morning after I dropped the munchkin off at daycare (while getting a much needed coffee at Starbucks) and I actually screamed at the radio. Missouri is a swing state so we’ve been getting a lot of political action in the past few days and the local NPR station had someone following each campaign. They spoke to a woman from Missouri after the rally and she said that she was anti-abortion and against the idea of gay marriage so she really couldn’t vote for Obama because of these issues. I get the social issues playing a role, it’s part of why I do vote Democratic, but the simple fact of the matter is that our country is going down the tube. We can’t afford 4 more years of bad decisions and that is what the Republican party will bring us.

* They will keep us fighting in Iraq

* There won’t be any social security left

* Their view on healthcare is awful for Americans and doesn’t teach our children correctly. My husband and I probably disagree on parts of this, but socialized medicine would probably lead to less surgeries and more preventative practices, but the medical industry is used to making big bucks off big procedures. Compare the republicans with the democrats.

* Where do I start on my concerns over education and the Republican party? These are their views. They want to allow school prayer and believe that standardized testing for children shows how well a teacher has tought. Sorry, standardized testing shows how well a child does at taking tests. That’s it. And since it has become so popular due to No Child Left Behind, teachers have felt the need to teach for the test rather than teaching a broad based education. Maybe if we put more money into schools instead of war our children would learn better.

* But worst of all, the Repulican will give us Sarah Palin. The only reason that she was selected as the VP candidate is because McCain had some liberal leaning ideas about social policies and he needed to make sure that he kept the support of the religious right. I want a woman in the white house, but not her! At least this posting made me laugh….Sarah Palin truly is a bitch.


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