Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | November 2, 2008


Playing the role of mommy sometimes makes me forget just how much I love doing other things. I love cooking. I love experimenting with new recipes and seeing how they’ll turn out. We went out to dinner for our anniversary and they gave a sipper soup before the salad course which was amazing. It was a smooth butternut squash soup which I didn’t think I liked, but it was really good. So here I am experimenting with my own version. The munchkin fell asleep on the way home from swimming and I had actually prepped everything last night and this morning. So now I have a pot of soup cooking on the stove. I actually mixed two recipes together to attempt to get the flavor and consistency I’m going for.

Usually these days, I find that I just try to make things that are tasty that don’t take a whole lot of effort. But that can get pretty boring. As we come towards fall and winter, I think I’m going to experiment more and more with soup. I’ve got the roast chicken down (thanks to the crockpot) and my brisket rocks, but I have to play around with some other stuff to keep it interesting. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do this while attempting to keep the house clean and the munchkin occupied, but I’m going to do it.

Ok, so while I was sitting typing this post, allowing the pureed soup to simmer, turns out that butternut squash soup makes big explosive bubbles. Just look at this mess!


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