Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | November 3, 2008

Burgers with root vegetable chips

I’ve been wondering what my point is in writing this blog. I’m still not sure, but I know this all has to do with my quest to figure out some things about myself and my passions. One thing that has been a challenge to me is figuring out how to plan good meals for my family while keeping them healthy and yet still creative.

Tonight while I was making dinner I realized that this was something that made sense to write about….my journeys in interesting meals. Tonight we were having burgers and I was just going to bake some potatoes. While cleaning the potatoes I realized that sliced ones sounded better. Then I decided to make them more colorful and more healthy by adding sweet potatoes and parsnips. E voila!

I’m going to try and keep a running archive of meals on the right bar. Then if I need some inspiration I can come back to myself.


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