Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | January 4, 2009

a new year, a new attempt at blogging

Happy New Year! 2009 doesn’t feel any different than 2008, but I am going to attempt to make some changes here and in my life. It’s really easy to forget who we are and what is important to us but that stops now. So, while I know on one hand that I “should” be cleaning the house, throwing in a pile of laundry, etc. while the munchkin sleeps, I’m taking a few minutes of “me” time while I sit and sip my coffee to write here.

The last number of months have been horribly stressful here. I haven’t wanted to write much or talk about everything (and I’m not really going to start now) but I think we have some clarity about what the future holds in terms of moving and that is a big start. Huge. So if I’ve ignored you or been vague in the last few months, I’m sorry.

The munchkin is really doing her own thing lately which means that I’ve actually been able to get back to my knitting. I finished one project I’ve been working on (except for final edging) and now I’m working on a sweater!

This is my second attempt at a sweater, but I never actually finished the first one. I knit the whole thing up, on incredibly expensive yarn, and then couldn’t face sewing the whole damn thing together. This time I’m doing it a much smarter way. First, I’m using much cheaper yarn that is still nice to the touch. Second, and probably more importantly, it is knit in the round from the top down with almost no seaming whatsoever. You just have to sew the underarm area together, but it is done in mostly one piece. What you see now is the turtleneck part just as I have started to do increases for the yolk. It doesn’t hurt that I’m double-stranding the yarn and this knits up FAST!

I also really want to knit this dress for the munchkin and I think I actually realized what yarn I have in my stash to do this. How cute is that?

Also on the knitting front, although I doubt this will happen until we move, I have been having a complete and total need to learn how to dye my own yarn. Man, I’m such a geek! But everything about knitting and crochet is just great fun.

So that’s the start of my new year’s resolutions of sorts – to remember myself. That’s what this blog was about in the first place. I have some great new recipes that have been added to the group, but that will be another post this week.


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