Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | February 24, 2009


I am truly not in the mood to be working today. The munchkin is getting her two year molars and not sleeping and I had a bad night just on my own. Put those together and you get a really nasty combination. Today feels like one of those days when I simply shouldn’t have gotten out of bed and I really would love to just pull the covers back over my head. I got a ton accomplished around the house last night, but I’m a mess today.

The stress levels at work are insane. Both of my magazines are struggling to stay in existence in a tough economy and with a new CEO reviewing everything to see what should stay and what should go. I’m greatful that I’m not personally involved in earning revenues, but I am close to both of my publishers and they are so incredibly stressed out.  I hate to see what they are going through. One of my publishers is sending emails to clients at 11:30 at night and working all weekend long. This is no way to exist. You hit a point where you aren’t doing good work any more if you don’t take some time for yourself.

I’d follow my own good advice and go home and take a nap, but I’m clinging to my vacation and sick days for when we move. I get a pretty good number of days, but getting ready for the move and actually moving and trying to settle in is going to use up a ton. I’m using up three days to go home for Passover, but that’s a necessary usage. I’ve really missed getting to celebrate Passover (my favorite Jewish holiday) with family and now that the munchkin is old enough to sort of appreciate it, I decided it was time to return to my roots.

Is it nap time yet?


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