Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | April 13, 2009


I found this current post on ohdeedoh highly disturbing and yet hitting incredbly close to home.

I tend to agree with all of the sources that are against letting young children watch television, but of course, my child loves Dora. I don’t want any of her toys to do the work for her. I love that books are her security blanket. But does she know that we can use the computer to look at pictures of grandma and grandpa? yes. And she loves to do it. She knows that there are tons of videos of her on mommies ‘puter too. 

The original imagery was actually found on Leapfrog where they made some interesting commentary

“Imitating adults is one of the primary ways children learn. In a world increasingly saturated with information and communication technologies (ICT), it is natural for children to want access to these tools too,” writes author Jim Gray.

So as long as babies aren’t spending too much time on the old iPhone or Blackberry, (like their parents often do), maybe it’s actually useful? These tools, the post suggests are going to be a part of their everyday life and in a few years won’t really be considered “technology” just as we don’t consider a radio technology now.

For your part, spend a little time playing along with your child or watching.  Ask open-ended questions that prompt your child to share her perspective on the activity.  What are you trying to do in this level?  Who’s that character?  Find ways to extend what they are learning to other media (crayon-and-paper follow up to digital art), and balance this play with non-ICT activities like hikes in a park, talking at the dinner table, or playing with wooden blocks and dress-up clothes. “

It’s so difficult to raise a child with everything changing so quickly. I guess you always have to go back to the fact that the most important thing is that your child is happy and well-adjusted. Everything in moderation and talk talk talk.


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