Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | April 16, 2009


As seen in my last post, I’ve recently started following Ohdeedoh, a great online magazine about design and style for people with children. I got introduced to it because I started following TheKitchen, an online magazine created by a friend from junior high. I’m not sure what I like following more these days, kid stuff or food stuff. 

So, one of today’s posts is about fashion plates. I loved playing with these when I was a kid!

Where did amazing toys like this go? A great way to use your imagination even if you can’t draw.



  1. I totally forgot about these things! I loved them growing up.. I remember playing for hours using up sooo much paper!! Gosh…. now I want them again so I can play.

  2. my granny still has these!!!!!!!!!!

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