Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | April 20, 2009

seeking adults

Today I was called into my manager’s office more for “show” than anything else, but it pissed me off. She needed to let me know that some of my co-workers have complained that I’ve been coming in late recently, that I had a conversation with someone on the phone (my editor to be exact) saying I would be late while trying to get the house ready every morning for showings, and that I’m going to the gym at lunch. My manager couldn’t care less because she knows that I am getting the job and then some done in the time that I am here, but seriously? I work with little children. As I said to T….I love my job, I hate the people who work in this office.

Technically, we are not salaried employees and therefore we are supposed to be in at 8am and out at 4:30. As if. I’ve never followed that rule very well. When I was good at getting here at 8 I often stayed until at least 4:45 and when I know I’ve been late, I always make the point of staying a bit later. But I also don’t take smoke breaks, don’t always take my “hour lunch” and I get the job done with a great deal of both speed and accuracy. I am known as the person who always asks how I can help other people and I do it with a smile on my face. So what gets me so hot under the collar, because I haven’t let go of this yet today and it’s been about 6 hours or so now, is why can’t poeople mind their own business? If I’m getting my job done, who cares? I don’t complain to the boss about the poeple who stand around socializing all the time. I don’t worry over anyone making extended personal phone calls. Get the job done. End of story. We are not five years old and we don’t need to “tattle” on the person next to us. Can’t I please work with adults?



  1. Argh! I am pissed off for you. You are so on top of things, I can only imagine that your co-workers are just jealous. So they suck. 🙂

  2. nope. you can’t.

    who has the balls to tattle? really?

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