Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | April 24, 2009

perk up and have a great weekend

It’s amazing how much music soothes the soul. Yesterday I was in foul mood. Now granted, I’m PMSing, but still…Today, I remembered to bring my new ipod to work and although it has now run out of juice, it perked up my morning and I’m still chipper. Some of my favorites of the moment…Feist, Jem, the music from Once (rent this movie!!), Yael Naim, the Indigo Girls and Fleming & John. Anything to get Old MacDonald in French out of my head.

I am getting a kick out of blogging and reading other blogs. Between the items that I post here and the many that I post on facebook, I’m truly enjoying myself. I follow a number of blogs through google reader and they give me ideas about what I want to write about and things to do. Today I was reading Ohdeedoh and found this post for a fabulous weekend project.


The munchkin LOVES playing in sandboxes when we go to the park. We don’t have the space, money or inclination to buy a big sandbox for our house, but this would be perfect. We could put in the front yard where there is actually shade and she can go to town. There was also a comment about using another one as almost a mini-pool. Then these are easily put away and transported when we move. Score!


I also found this fabulous project for making homemade instruments. I recently bought the munchkin a xylophone and this will go great with her instruments. Great for home play especially since we are no longer going to our music class. This blog, No Time for Flashcards, also has some great children’s book recommendations.

We are also planning some fun events for the weekend. I keep forgetting about the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens but the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend so I think all three of us will head out there on Saturday. We’re slowly teaching the munchkin our love of hiking and outdoorsy activities other than just going to the park. On Sunday she and I will join some friends for dim sum. Mmmm…good stuff.



  1. did you go to the arboretum? i haven’t been in years.
    i used to loooooove it.
    i need to drag the boy out there.

  2. oh. and i need to hook up google reader so i remember to read your blog!

  3. we didn’t go to the arboretum. we wound up an antioch park instead.

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