Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | May 17, 2009

have your cake and eat it too

What a fabulous weekend! I could have more of these and be perfectly content with life. We had beautiful weather, after a Friday afternoon hail storm, and that allowed us to spend a lot of time outside which always makes us happy.

On Saturday the munchkin helped me make this very yummy cake that I brought to bookclub.  The recipe is one of Paula Deen’s that I cut in half.  I originally found it on TheKitchn and probably should have read some of their comments, but oh well, it all worked out well enough. It isn’t the most beautiful cake but what it lacks in beauty it makes up in taste. I love baking with her in the kitchen. She loves to mix the ingredients together and when she got bored with actual cooking, she started mixing in her own bowls.


Bookclub was a lot of fun (it always is). We read a rather screwed up book called The Almost Moon by Alice Seibold. I honestly haven’t finished it yet, but I’m already a third in and wow. Of course, I know a bit of what happens later due to bookclub, but that’s ok. When I looked around on goodreads it got a number of very negative reviews, but I guess you have to be ready to read a book that opens with the line “When all is said and done, killing my mother came easily.”  I’m looking forward to finishing it.

Today was a truly fun filled day. The munchkin and I took a walk this morning. She wanted to walk her dog, he’s a pull along dog,  so we took a nice long walk and when she had trouble pulling him, she gently carried him in her arms. When we got back, we were about to get into the car to get bagles and much needed coffee when daddy pulled into the driveway; he had to go in to the hospital for rounds this morning. He joined us and then the munchkin and I went to go play in the park. After that, I decided to really wear her out, and we went swimming! Then we both took naps, she played with her daddy, and I made a nice dinner (Garlic and Herb Oven-Fried Halibut with aspargus & sesame seeds).


What a truly wonderful weekend. Hope yours was good too.


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