Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | May 21, 2009

stupid stupid stupid

There is a general consensus around my friends at the office that we are sick of working with stupid people.  Seriously? I mean, if I ask you for a 300×250 graphic why would you send me a 280×190? This is the difference in what I’m talking about (because luckily I was able to fix it)

wrong size

wrong size

right size

right size

I don’t get it. You want to advertise with us, right? But you can’t get your crap together to a) give me your materials on time and b) give them to me correctly? Ugh! Oh, and I also had to figure out what their 40 words of text should be to accompany the ad.

Why do we have to work with stupid people? I like things to be neat and orderly (at work mom, I know I never kept my room neat). I like people to think things through before they ask me dumb questions. Please people….THINK!  And while you’re at it….can’t you please be nice too?


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