Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | June 29, 2009

packing up and moving out


It is quite surreal trying to get everything together and knowing that in less than a week movers will be coming into my house and packing us up completely. We’re packing books and clothes now in the final preparations, but letting them handle the bigger items and the kitchen in general. I’m done with work and the munchkin has two days left at daycare. We’re saying goodbye to people, but it’s truly hard to grasp that in a week we really won’t see them again for a long long time. I’m really excited about our move, but all I can say is wow.

Five years ago I packed up my life in NYC and headed out to Kansas to follow my heart. Now I’m married and have a beautiful child. When we moved here I thought that I would have to start over completely in the job world, but I managed to take my publishing background and not only find a job here in KC, but I proved myself enough that I am taking a different job with the same company with me to NC.

I’ve learned a lot about myself, what I want in my life, what I truly enjoy, and I’m going to approach our new home with what I see as a pretty darn good bit of positivity. We’ve got hiking trails, a park in our backyard, I want to start doing some outdoor cycling (might even join a cycling club), I’ve found a local knitting store with twice weekly drop in and knit groups, I’ve found a gymnastics class for the munchkin and might even let her ride horses.

Looking forward is really easy. Saying goodbye is really hard. To anyone reading this from Kansas, thank you for being in my life and don’t stop just because we’ve moved.



  1. i have waited to read this and for some reason i still tear up.
    i truly believe things happen for reasons and i am so glad that we got to become friends. you have been a great role model to me in so many ways. you have been a great teacher, advice giver, shoulder to lean on and so many other things.
    you know i wish you nothing but the best!

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