Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | July 1, 2009

The Interpreter

The Interpreter The Interpreter by Suzanne Glass

My review
rating: 2 of 5 stars

When I picked this book up at the library book sale, I had the mistaken idea that it was the story the movie “The Interpreter” was based on. I was wrong. I was expecting a thriller of sorts and this was nothing of the genre. Rather, it is a very descriptive narrative dealing with moral dilemmas of when to divulge information.

The story is of Dominique Green and Nicholas Manzini who narrate alternate chapters (not one of my favorite styles of writing). Dominique is a simultaneous interpreter in NY. Nicholas is an Italian doctor conducting pediatric leukemia research for a pharmaceutical company in NY. The dilemma stems from the time that Dominique overhears two men talking about a potential AIDS treatment while working at a medical conference. As she has a very close friend dying of AIDS, she struggles with the decision to tell anyone what she hears or to stay true to the oath of translators to never divulge what they hear.

Interwoven into the question of how to deal with this secret is the love story between Dominique and Nicholas. What the reader knows, and what Dominique doesn’t, is that Nicholas is the man behind the AIDS treatment. He is facing his own dilemma of whether to tell the pharmaceutical company he is currently working for about his discovery, even when he didn’t follow all protocols in his work, or to bring his findings to another company even if it means delaying when a treatment can get out to the public.

I very nearly put the book down and didn’t finish it, but instead read a book in between. The story was interesting and the moral dilemma that Dominique fought with kept me just enough to finish it out, although when I put the book down for good, I still felt that there was something missing.


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