Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | July 8, 2009

exhausted and almost there

It is truly amazing how much moving can take out of you. 1100 miles of driving in 2 days with a two year old is a real killer. Now we’re almost at our new house, staying at my father-in-law’s house for a few days before making the last hour leg of the drive to the new house. The guys are out running errands and going to the driving range and I’m sitting here listening to the munchkin sing herself to sleep for her nap. I can’t wait for her to go down so I can just sit in peace for a little while. I spent the whole car ride, minus the few hours where she napped, listening to various children’s songs (many over and over again) and sitting on the couch with a good book sounds wonderful.

People ask me if I’m excited about the new house. I am, but I am also scared about the whole thing. We’re moving to a smaller town than anywhere I’ve ever lived before and I am going to have to find my way through it without a huge amount of help. Having the munchkin and getting involved with some form of daycare will help and our new landlords being excited about us coming and wanting to help with introductions doesn’t hurt. But the South is a very different place. I think that county club/athletic club is the way of the land here. We’re in Durham at the moment and apparently there are not really any public swimming pools. I found one where we are moving, but I also found an article from last year about how it needed $25K worth of work done and that the city figured they’d close it down before doing the work. Instead, everyone belongs to some sort of club. It’s going to take a lot of asking around. I’m getting better at that, so we’ll just have to wait and see.


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