Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | August 25, 2009

get me out of this funk

I have a serious case of the blahs. They came on some this afternoon after the munchkin and I went to the pool and I can’t shake them. I also had zero patience for her antics tonight. Honestly, I don’t have patience for much of anything at the moment.

What is my biggest frustration right now? I have to say I’m sick of feeling out of shape and fat. The glorious F word.  I thought that by having the munchkin in daycare full time while only working part time, I’d truly find a way to work out. Problem number one – I hate working out. I like working with a trainer, but that’s a bit cost prohibitive. I’m going to get the “fire starter” package at the gym here for three training sessions for $99 but I better get my butt motivated to actually do something with whatever they tell me. Problem number two – although my job is part time, the main time that I am busy is in the morning with email invitations deploying at 10:30 am. That kind of makes going to classes impossible since all of the classes are in the morning. Tomorrow is a slow day and everything that needs to go has been approved, so I’m going to try to get in a 9:30 ball conditioning class, but finding a workout schedule that works for me is tough. Back in the days before the munchkin was born, I got into a great routine going at 6am, I am a morning gym goer….not in this current life time. Blah.

I am trying to do stuff though. As I had mentioned before we moved here, I’m really into the idea of getting a bike and riding. Not that bicyling does much for belly fat, but it does get you out there and getting the endorphins going. We walked by the local bike shop the other day and it looks like they have some reasonably priced bikes, so I need to go get fit for one. It would be great to take family rides and they have some beginner social rides. I’m also looking into ways to carry the  munchkin and think that this front mounted safety seat looks amazing. I’ll have to talk to the bike shop guys to get their opinions.

We went for a really short ride while we were up in the mountains, but serious hills while out of shape on a saddle that did nothing for me with flat tires (how did we miss that one?) was a blow to my morale. I’m hoping that bicyling can be good for my health – physical, mental and social.

So I’m trying and me putting this out there for the cyber world to see is one strange way of making me do it. I’m sick of feeling badly about myself. I know the steps that need to be taken to improve my health and my self-image, I just need to take them.

UPDATE – I went to the gym but didn’t go to the class. The timing just isn’t great for me and I’m not really a class person. But I did have a great workout and remembered that I do love working with the weight training equipment, I just need to meet with a personal trainer and get a good routine down.



  1. Sorry you were in a funk. I hope you are out of it now. As for bikes, good, cheap bikes are available on Craig’s list. That said, you kind of need to know what you are doing to get a good used bike. However $100 tune up on a $100 used bike puts you in a good place to ride for little money.

    Those front holders for kids are EXTREMELY dangerous. If you endo, and you will, your kid faceplants and no helmet stops that. The safest way to transport a kid with you while biking is a bike trailer. We have one we bought at performance bike for a couple hundred $. Rear of the bike seats are bad too because your kid can get her foot caught in the bike wheel and have a degloving injury. Just happened to a friend of mine. The bike trailers are little crash carts that do not tip over if the bike tips over. I have several serious and some professional cyclists for friends and this is how we all carry our kids.

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