Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | September 1, 2009


They say that routine is incredibly important for little children:

Toddlers need routines in their lives to help them feel secure and understand what to expect next. Establishing simple routines can help your toddler to create order.

Well, it is also incredibly important for adults. I am having a difficult time getting into a routine and it is making me slightly crazy. This is partially because while I am technically working part time, there isn’t an easy way for me to just say I’m working from x to z. I’m supposed to work whatever hours are necessary to “get the job done.” So today I’m pretty much done, but I have two invites scheduled to go out tomorrow morning that I don’t have creative for yet, so I have to sit around waiting for it. I’m trying to make the gym a routine, but I had to do some approvals this morning so I couldn’t easily just go straight to the gym after dropping the munchkin off.  See my quandry?

I’m trying to find routine in other ways, we have Kindermusik on Mondays and playgroup on Wednesdays, but working part time leads for less routine than working full time. So that’s my new goal – to find a routine in my life.


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