Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | September 9, 2009

dinner rut

is dinner a complete and total annoyance for you? it is for me. I love to cook but at this point, I hate cooking for us. I have to please all three of us and I don’t know how people do it. I guess that it doesn’t help that my husband likes pretty simple food, he’s not big on sauces, won’t eat casseroles and has a slew of vegetables he won’t eat (spinach?!?). Then on the other hand, I have the munchkin who is really big on asserting that she doesn’t like anything. One day she likes chicken and the next day I can’t get her to eat it. Finally, there is me. I know this is a crazy thought, but I like food. I like trying new things and experimenting with new recipes. Can we say conundrum? The only thing that I’m sure everyone will eat are burgers and pasta.

So I’m looking for new things to try. I’m going back to a few cookbooks to try and find things that all three of us can eat. Anyone have any good ideas? Tomorrow I’m making the end of summer harvest soup which I think even the munchkin will like because she LOVES beans. My husband isn’t used to making a meal out of soup, but I think it’s time that he start. I’ll have soup, bread and salad. Bummer that I can’t do garlic bread for all of us as he won’t eat that, but I might make it for me since I love it. Once we start getting more into fall I’ll have a few more options, but at the moment it’s pretty dreary.

I did try to make something different tonight…unfortunately it didn’t go over so well. When we were in the mountains over the weekend I saw the show Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (the munchkin was asleep and the guys were golfing). She was making a side dish that looked amazing – Asparagus, Pecorino and Red Onion salad. I tried making it tonight and I liked it but I was the only one. The one thing that I would have done differently is that I went the easy way and got grated cheese and it really needs to be coarsely grated. It also probably doesn’t need as much. So maybe I’ll make it again at some point, for a party or something.



PS – After writing this and moving on to something else, I found this article on the NYTimes about bento box lunches. I’m all for creativity for our kids, but what this woman does is why I feel like such a failure! These photos are all from the slide show on the NYTimes.


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