Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | September 11, 2009

when will I learn?

one of these days I will learn from my mistakes. one of these days I will accept the fact that when you have some kind of illness, that there is nothing wrong with taking medication to make you better, even when you don’t think there are any symptoms present. so as I just wrote to a friend in an email – I was sort of stupid and stopped taking my meds. I just had forgotten for a number of days and then it didn’t seem necessary and long story short….stupid me. I’m taking them again and in just a few days time I’m already starting to feel a bit more clear headed.

but the good news is that today was a really good day. The munchkin and I took a day off to play together. Fridays aren’t big days for me at work and she didn’t feel like going to school, so we played. We played around the house, dancing and reading books and we played at the park. It was a really wonderful day and reminded me that I am incredibly too hard on myself when it comes to mothering. We don’t have to do anything extraordinary, I don’t need to be coming up with special arts and crafts projects, I just need to love her and play with her. So that’s what I did. And then we ran some errands and played some more. That’s the way to stay happy.


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