Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | September 13, 2009

yeah fall!

I love fall! While it isn’t “technically” fall yet, we have all of the beautiful things about fall hitting us. The air is for the most part crisp, the temperatures are fabulous, you want to spend as much time as possible outside and you can start cooking with more fall flavors. I’m having one of my favorite lunches (that I always seem to forget about ) – grilled cheese with apples.  I used to make the munchkin grilled cheese with hummos too, but apples are my favorite. I’ve also seen recipes for making sandwiches with the apples themselves like this

apple sandwich

apple sandwich

I love the idea, although I would make it a) with thinner apple slices and b) without the chocolate chips and granola. I also think grilled apple with cheese as the filling sounds amazing! Maybe next weekend.

Anyway, today was another great day. The munchkin and I went to the park this morning while her daddy had to go in to do rounds and then he surprised us by showing up at the park! She loves having her daddy watch her play at the park and then I got to go say hi to a friend and now I have lunch plans on Tuesday. Wohoo! Happy fall everyone!


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