Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | September 17, 2009

kids and food

I was just reading a great blog post about kids and food. We all hope that our kids eat the right things. Lately I’ve been concerned because the munchkin eats SO MUCH! Seriously, she never stops eating, she is always asking for a snack. Part of that I think is because she only just realized that if she asks for a snack it means getting food. Strange joy in finding a reward system. And then on the flip side, she’s being a normal 2 year old and being completely annoying about what she will and won’t eat. We always eat healthy, but its completely irking when you make a dinner that you think your child will like and they refuse everything. With the munchkin, sometimes it is because she’s just tired or overly hungry and I just have to get her to calm down and focus. Last night, she refused the chicken and instead ate some leftover pasta, mixed vegetables with hummos and then I made her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (per request) which she opened up and ate the peanut butter off with her fingers.

I usually indulge her food whims. I mean, she’s exploring and as long as there is some balance and she gets good nutrition its okay, right? I was talking to one of my mom friends recently and she was saying how she was trying to lay down the law with her kids that they eat what is  put in front of them. I understand that logic and I don’t want to be a short order chef (which is what we jokingly used to call my mom) but I also don’t like the idea of forcing a kid to eat something. Hmm…interesting conundrum. We’re slowly figuring this one out. As this article mentions, “Cooking for kids is not always the most gratifying experience.” Amen!


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