Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | September 20, 2009

surfing the web

There are so many things I could/should be doing, but I’m enjoying sitting in silence on the couch in my favorite room with the window next to me open wide and the breeze blowing in. Both the Munchkin and her daddy are asleep and it’s lovely. So while I could be cleaning or even reading a book, I’m surfing the web randomly. Anyway, sometimes I wish people would share more interesting things they find with me, so here I’m going to share some interesting things with you.

1. Mini Maple Pancake Muffins….can we say yum? I found this blog on Dahnk’s blog (although you need to update your link) These got bookmarked on delicious right away.

2. Facebook odd thoughts – I was reading this blog post about one woman’s experiences with facebook and how getting back in touch with old friends that you haven’t spoken to in years isn’t necessarily an easy experience. Now facebook didn’t make me cry, but I’ll admit that when an old friend who I hadn’t spoken to in at least 8 years contacted me, I wasn’t really prepared for it. We had been best friends and I never fully understood why she stopped speaking to me, but it is very odd for me to see her come up on my facebook feed and to have her comment on my posts and pictures. There are times when I consider actually having a conversation, attempt to be friends again, but then I shake my head and move on. I have a hard enough time being a good friend to the people who have been there for me.

3. Rosh Hashana – Shana Tova to all my Jewish friends and family out there. This year was the best Rosh Hashana I’ve had in a long time. Services were a little odd since we are in a small town with one lonely synagogue that doesn’t even have a regular rabbi that leads services every week. There is no cantor and intstead, the rabbi had his laptop up on the bima and played music and prayers off of his itunes. What I want to know is – why are all of the female cantors out there sopranos? Can we bring it down a few keys so the rest of the population can participate? Also, it keeps me thinking about how I wanted to be a cantor for a short while when I was younger. I might try to learn some more and volunteer my services. Also, the rabbi’s sermon was seriously one that I heard last year at my temple in KC. The first part of it was different and timely, but then the second half was a serious case of deja vu. Anyway, the reason that the holiday was so great is that we were able to drive to Durham and have a beautiful Rosh Hashana lunch with family. It truly brought home why I was glad to move here. I really miss being able to celebrate occasions with family and I think it is so great for the munchkin to be around so many people who love her and are excited to watch her grow.

4. Cleaning – My parents will gladly tell you that I hate to clean. But the house needs to be cleaned all the time and I seem to be the only one that cares when it is messy. Now, my husband will do the dishes from time to time, and he did do the dishes yesterday at his dad’s after our big lunch, but in general it falls on my shoulders. I was looking for some new blogs to read, and while this probably isn’t one I will follow, it is an interesting post about how it seems that for a mom, whenever we get “down time” we feel the need to clean. How sad is that? But it’s totally true. Another mom friend and I complain because I hate folding laundry and she hates wet mopping. I’ve already washed 2 loads of laundry today, but haven’t folded them yet. Another thing I “should” be doing right now instead of silly blogging. Oh well. Tough!

So I think that’s enough of my randomness for today. I think I’m going to go clean up.



  1. Hey… It’s funny that you should mention that my link for Bakerella didn’t work. She just moved her site from Blogspot to WordPress and her URL changed (looks like she may have even moved it today!). So thanks for the reminder to go update my links. I also added a few more links to it since the amount of blogs i follow has increased.

    I to want to try those Mini Maple Muffins!!

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