Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 5, 2009

happy monday

Mondays are often a dreaded day, but I’m having a really good one. That’s also probably because I had a really great weekend. Like I’ve said before, positivity leads to positivity. So today is a beautiful day because fall is in the air! okay, so it’s raining and grey, but I’m wearing a fabulous new pair of chocolate brown cords and a moss green sweater. New clothes make me happy. Bringing fall clothing out of hiding from storage bags is also pretty amazing.

The workout routine is going really well. I’m there 4 days a week and even today when I just had cardio to do (blah) I managed to get in a great routine. I’m trying to make it to TRX training every Tuesday and am working with a personal trainer once every two weeks or so. I’m definitely seeing some of the benefits, although with the rainy weather, I’m also feeling the annoying pre-arthritis twinges in my knee. Oh well, keeping active will keep that at bay as much as possible.

As I said we had a great weekend. Working backwards here are the highlights…

Last night I tried a new recipe for Lentil Soup. It was incredibly simple and everyone liked it. The munchkin even asked for seconds! Next time I’ll add more carrots to it, but yum! Also, maybe one of these days I’ll remember to use the crock-pot liners I have for easier cleanup.

I also got to go shopping by myself! We were going to go to Durham to hit a bunch of stores and get the munchkin’s hair cut, but that didn’t wind up happening. So instead, I drove to Fayetteville to hit Target. I found my lovely new green sweater, an outfit to wear to the rehearsal dinner of this wedding we’re going to in Chicago and some new pants for the munchkin. She’s starting to let me dress her in pants again, which is good since there is definitely a chill in the air. I also found myself this great purse. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought one that had no chance of doubling as a diaper bag.

On Saturday we had a blast going to Autumnfest. There were tons of great booths of local wares, tons of yummy smelling food, local musicians and a bunch of moon walk castle things for the kids. The munchkin loved the big obstacle course with giant slide at the end. I wish that I had more time to just wander around, but she got a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. She also hadn’t slept much the night before so we hit melt-down sooner than expected.

Saturday night found us out on a double date with friends at a local charity event/pottery auction. Our three kids (they have twins) got to have their own party with a shared babysitter, so win win situation. The event had some beautiful pottery, great food and since it was held at one of the many country clubs, beautiful views. It was also really nice to just get to dress up and go out with adults for a change.

Speaking of going out with adults, I also got to have much needed quality time with a girls night out on Friday night. We had dinner out and went to see Fame. I wouldn’t recommend the movie (I’d recommend the original) but it was great fun to go out and then to make fun of the movie afterwards.

So I’m entering this week with a smile on my face. Hope you are too.


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