Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 6, 2009

disturbing trends in children’s toys

I was talking to my aunt earlier today and we were discussing how children are using computers at earlier and earlier ages. This came up in conversation because I was talking about how we were probably going to wind up at the library today (it’s been rainy) and our library his little tikes computer stations.


I don’t let the munchkin use the computer. She wants to every time we walk in. She also doesn’t use our computer at home. I truly try to limit the amount of time she watches tv. I feel horribly guilty that she knows that she can watch Dora or Super Why on my iPhone. But so many kids these days are using computers at surprisingly young ages. When I googled the computer station, I found this article about preschool students using the computers. I keep telling the munchkin that the computers are for older kids, meaning at least elementary school age, but apparently it is marketed to her age group. Wow!

Ok, so I wasn’t planning on writing a post about the fact that kids start using computers way too early, but I was watching tv and happened to see a commercial for the Bounce & Spin Pony

N0446_d_2This toy is marketed for kids 12 months plus. From the Fisher Price website –  12M+ Level 1: Action/Reaction. With every bounce or spin of the roller, baby makes something happen! Hear songs, learn about animals and their sounds, first words, greetings and more.



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