Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 14, 2009

random mishmosh

There are so many random thoughts that go through my head and I often think “I should blog about this” and then I don’t. There are too many other things going on in my day that by the time I get five minutes to write, I forgot what it is I wanted to write about. So today I bring you a random mishmosh of ideas. When I was in elementary school a few people called me mishmosh or mishy. Hated that. But writing in a mishmoshed manner fits me completely. Even in writing this my brain shortwaves on the stuff I feel like writing about so for now I’ll focus on one topic – food.

I went to a MOMS meeting on Tuesday and a chef from one of the local restaurants was there to give us a cooking demo. He made a nice basic risotto and added grilled chicken, peas and spinach to it. It was fabulous. I never really think of risotto because my husband doesn’t like it, he’s not a big fan of the creamy aspect of it and doesn’t love one pot meals. He’s going to need to learn because this is a perfect kid friendly dish. They can help make it and add in the things that they particularly like. So then I was reading one of the blogs I follow and she wrote a blog post specifically about risotto. From the comments in that blog I found a slow cooker version – it’s butternut squash which I’m not 100% sure about, but it could be great. I’m also all over Jamie Oliver’s Three Cheese Risotto.

Then today I got the new issue of the Food Network magazine. It’s always a really fun read with all kinds of tantalizing recipes. I haven’t gotten very far yet, but there is always a section of multiple ways to make one dish – this month it’s mashed potatoes. One of them completely stood out to me, #35 Indian Spiced green pea mashed potatoes. It’s like samosas without the outer shell. I’m going to have to experiment more.

Another blog that I follow mentioned ways to spend more money. I know that sounds like a crazy idea, but the premise was that there are certain times that you should spend more money because in the long run you get better quality and actually sometimes spend less. I completely love all three ways that the author talks about, but one that fits this topic is that sometimes you should spend more money on food. Fast food is really cheap but we eat a ton of fresh vegetables and they are costly. I know a ton of people that save good money by using coupons when they shop, but clipping coupons has never worked for me because the stuff that they usually make coupons for are the highly processed foods. It’s frustrating because I know we spend a lot on food, but then I have to remind myself that we don’t spend a ton on eating out and I’ve been making coffee at home every day instead of spending the $2 at the local coffee store. I guess it’s all a give and take, just like everything else in life.

So there are my random mishmoshed thoughts about food for today. My parents are in town (yay!) and maybe I can get myself organized to work on some new menus and recipes.  I do know that I’m going to be making my mom’s spaghetti sauce soon…I’ll post the recipe and pictures when I do.


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