Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 15, 2009

crafting with the munchkin

With fall upon us and the weather getting rainy and chilly, I’ve been looking and thinking of new things for us to do in doors. One big thing I keep coming back to is crafts. But I have 2 major dilemmas – 1 is that we don’t have great space in our house to do crafts as the house is fully carpeted and we don’t have a large dining room table and 2 is that I am seriously not crafty. I think #2 is actually what is holding me back more. I know I’m not the only mother out there that feels this way because I was catching up on some blog reading this morning and saw another mom specifically mention it in a book giveaway.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to mark down interesting crafts that I think the munchkin and I could handle on my delicious links. I’m not going to get to them this weekend as we are going away, but my resolution is that we WILL be doing some crafting soon along with some follow-up posts with pictures. The ones that stand out the most to me as crafts the munchkin can enjoy at 2 years of age are:

  1. Painting with Marbles
  2. Apple stamping
  3. Halloween paper chain pumpkin

If anyone knows of other great fall indoor crafts that a completely non-crafty mommy can do with a 2 year old I’m all ears.



  1. I hear you; I am so not crafty. I can’t even look at The Artful Parent ( anymore without getting agita. I usually just pull out a bunch of materials and let j do his thing (tape-balls, drawing people with no bodies). But we liked the hand-spider craft… he’s done a few spiders and they are really easy and not messy. See

    On a somewhat (?) related note, have you seen My Kid Could Paint That? ( I think you would find it interesting. P and I saw it last night.

    Ok, I’m finished posting long links to your blog tonight. 🙂

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