Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 24, 2009

mothering on the internet

One thing I’ve noticed a lot lately is the craziness of being a mommy in the world of the internet. There are a ton of blogs out there, many of which I find myself reading on a regular basis, that are about how to be a better mommy, do to more crafts, to do homeschooling, for montessori style education of toddlers etc. It is mommy madness!

With this blog, I often think about the fact that it has no point. I am writing as an outlet and because it’s an easy way to let the people in my life know about what’s going on when I don’t always feel like talking on the phone. But there are so many blogs out there with a serious focus. And while I like to read them and get ideas, what makes them experts? Heck, what gives them the self-confidence to think that what they are doing is so great that they can write a blog about it? And where do they find the time with a kid?

Recently I had started reading Perfect Madness, a really great book about “mothering in the age of anxiety.” I stopped because I was needing a serious fiction break, but there were so many parts of this book that had me screaming “yes! exactly!” This book talks a lot about the way that American women treat mommying with the same kind of need for perfection that they would have in the work place.  It also discusses all of the guilt that we put upon ourselves. I know I personally had guilt about a) putting the munchkin in daycare b) wanting to just read a book c) not being able to breastfeed etc ad nauseum. I often wonder how people get it done – keeping the house clean, doing enriching games with your child and trying to actually have a life of your own. I’ve found that a lot of women have babysitters. I know one woman with 4 children who is a stay at home mom with a full time live in nanny!

Times are definitely different then when my generation was raised. We have to deal with living further away from our “village” that helped raise us (okay, maybe not everyone, but definitely me). We are dealing with technology everywhere. We have voices telling us that we need to constantly be keeping our child engaged so it becomes difficult to get things done without reverting to television. We feel the competition abound from every side saying your child should be doing x by the time they are y. Sometimes it’s hard to turn off all of the voices and just be. But you have to take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt.


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