Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | October 25, 2009

weekend wrap-up

This was an incredibly busy weekend for us. We went to a different fall festival/event every day! I promised that I would post some photos when we were done so here they are.

Today’s MOMS party was a real blast. The munchkin was in seventh heaven riding the ponies. They also had rigged up an automated horse walker with swings (the owners have a 4 year old son) and it was like a special merry-go-round. It was hard to get her off of either of these things. She did like petting the goats and looking at the ducks and pig as well, but the rides were here favorites. After I finally got her off the swing we headed over to get some food and the only thing she would eat was a cupcake. Obviously, she was very into that cupcake as it was ALL over her face! After that, a bunch of the kids started jumping off the hay barrels into what was like a hay pool. Being the little jumper dare devil that she is, the munchkin thought this was great. It was a nice way to celebrate Halloween and fall with our friends.

Finally, since I wrote about mommy-ing in the age of the internet yesterday, I thought I’d do a quick follow-up to that post. I was reading Parents magazine and they have an article titled “Life in the Slow Lane.” It says that “a growing number of moms and dads are deciding to chill a bit when it comes to raising kids.” They mention Carl Honore who has written a new book called In Praise of Slowness which has some interesting concepts but the article mentions it because the idea of slow parenting is to “stop treating child rearing like a competitive sport.” So many parents these days are over-involved in their children’s lives – ie parents getting in fights over their kids baseball games. Honore also wrote a book called Under Pressure: Rescuing Our Children From the Culture of Hyper-Parenting.

One of the other thing that the article mentions, which I found interesting, is sort of how we got here. “After the go-fast ’80s, the get-rich ’90s, and the 24/7, wired pace of the new millennium, slow is quickly emerging as the hot new buzzword.” It’s the 24/7 wired new millennium that has made us so ADD and crazed.  Aside from the fact that there is information, mis-information and opinions abounding on the internet, there is the simple fact that we just have something on all the time. I even find it difficult sometimes to just back away from the computer and sit in quiet solitude and read a book (wait, quiet solitude? how often do I get that? but I digress). I know I’ve been posting a ton lately and this isn’t necessarily a good thing, however, I seem to have a lot of thoughts going through my mind. The important thing is turning off the tv while writing so that I can just live in the moment of writing and not have the constant noise and distraction.

I’d like to think we have pretty good balance. All I know is that it makes me smile when the munchkin now sings to Peter, Paul and Mary and asks me to dance with her. We must be doing something right.


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