Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | November 2, 2009

dinner success and other things

Tonight’s experiment in the kitchen proved successful. I love sweet potatoes but haven’t changed the way I make them all that often. We don’t like them sugary sweet and I always thought that I didn’t like them at all since the ones covered in syrup and/or marshmallos do nothing for me. I usually just do something simple like roast them with other root vegetables and shallots, but as part of my menu planning I decided to try something new – Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Onions and Feta. Oh my goodness these were a success. Yummy!! And they smelled so amazing when they were cooking.

In other news, our Halloween weekend was a complete success. This was the munchkin’s first Halloween where we actually went trick or treating and the first where we let her eat candy. We spent the day with Nonno and enjoyed going to a Halloween parade and then later, after it got dark, we went trick or treating door to door. She loved it, but it was hard to have to tell her that she could only eat a few pieces of candy. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was drizzly in the morning, but by afternoon the sky was blue as far as the eye could see and the temperature was in the upper 70s. The munchkin’s costume wound up being perfect for the weather, even at night.

On Sunday, the weather had abruptly changed to fall so all three of us bundled up and went to the park. We were going to just let the munchkin ride her bike since the slides etc were wet, but we found a great hockey rink and she was able to play “soccer” on a smaller field and we spent a good half hour running up and down the length of the rink kicking the ball. She’s got pretty great coordination in kicking the ball…we could have a soccer player on our hands.



  1. Great pictures! And I never thought of pairing sweet potatoes with feta. Hmmm

  2. I never would have thought of the feta with sweet potatoes either, but it was amazing.

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