Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | November 23, 2009

menu for thanksgiving week

The week of Thanksgiving brings a much lighter menu than other weeks. We’re having Thanksgiving dinner with my father-in-law and I don’t have to do much of any cooking for it. Then we’ll leave for the weekend to go to his house in the mountains for a little weekend away. So there are really only three days of cooking this week. I’ll probably be doing a bunch of the cooking in the mountains, but I don’t have a lot of control over that, so I’ll leave it out of here. For more menus, see

Monday – Crockpot Broccoli Beef (cooking right now)
Tuesday – pasta with leftover sauce from last week
Wednesday – stir fry

I was supposed to make the broccoli beef last week, but life sometimes gets in the way of menu plans. I still really enjoy this dish, so I threw it back on this week. Considering we’re going to be poultry heavy on Thanksgiving and probably over the weekend, I think a straight veggie stir fry on Wednesday sounds great.

So this is the first Thanksgiving in 6 years that I am not making entirely on my own. Heck, I’m actually only making 2 small pieces! That’s a really strange thing for me and bizarrely it is a little difficult for me, considering my control freak nature. However, I have a feeling that this is going to be the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in a long time. While we did residency in KC we couldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving with family because flying on our tight schedules was not realistic. Every year I would invite other people to join us, but we only got a guest one year. Part of Thanksgiving is sharing it with people that you love, family or not. The simple fact that we get to be at a big table with family and friends this year is huge for me.

So what am I making for Thanksgiving? Salad with Oranges, Pomegranate Seeds & Goat Cheese and Pecan Pie. The salad is a family tradition that actually started a number of years ago with one of my closest friends in Texas. Originally I was told to just bring salad, but found that there were no plans for a pecan pie and that is my husband’s one Thanksgiving dessert that he enjoys. Every year I get my Thanksgiving issue of Cooking Light in the mail and my husband finds the recipe for pecan pie and says, I want this. So this year it is Pecan Pie with Spiked Cream. I don’t make the crust from scratch, so it’s pretty simple.

Lots of people don’t eat pomegranates or don’t know how to seed them. I’m an addict. Growing up, they were a special treat. We’d always love to have them, but I have memories of them being the messiest food we could possibly eat. We had to wear old shirts, aprons and eat them at the kitchen table. Why? Because pomegranate juice stains badly. Also, because growing up the way that we ate them is someone quartered the fruit and we put them on a plate and made a fun mess. The juice would run down our arms. I never imagined that you could eat a pomegranate without making a mess. Then I learned.

Here is a beautiful pomegranate. The munchkin eats the seeds like candy and I’m using them in my salad, so I just bought three more and I figured I’d share the easiest way to seed them.

First thing you want to do is cut off the top. Then score the outside, not too deeply or you will cut the seeds and the juice will run out.

Place the pomegranate into a decent sized bowl full of cold water. Pull one of the portions apart

and then gently prod the seeds out.

Doing this underwater helps make the few juice splatters that are destined to happen stay safely under the water and off of your clothing. Repeat until you’ve seeded the entire fruit and then you will have a beautiful bowl of easy to eat seeds.



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