Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | November 25, 2009


With Thanksgiving tomorrow, food is on everyone’s minds. It is usually something that is on my mind, but between the food magazines, blog posts, tweets, commercials and preparations it’s front and center.

The other thing is that over the weekend we watched “Food, Inc.” I knew a lot of the information since I had already read Fast Food Nation and In Defense of Food. I always try to have us eating healthy and try to buy at farmer’s markets when possible, but I think actually watching this movie pushed me over the edge of feeling the need to buy more organic foods and looking for grass fed meats and/or buying my meats at Fresh Market only – the only local option with high quality standards.

It’s a really crazy thing because one of the big things always holding me back from organics was the high cost, but all in all, we’re pretty well off. It’s no wonder that so many Americans have health issues that are food/weight related when costs are factored in. There was an interview with a family in the film where the husband had diabetes, the family had very limited funds and the wife explained that while she knew she should be feeding her children fruits and vegetables, it was more cost effective to buy fast food hamburgers. So much of our food now contains corn in some format because it is highly subsidized by the government, but it is calorie rich and nutrient poor food. There have been lots of articles about economic class and health, I’m not going to claim to be an expert. An interesting article thought – The Poor Get Diabetes, the Rich Get Local and Organic.

But back to Thanksgiving and food…as I said in my earlier post, my two responsibilities are pecan pie and salad. My salad requires pomegranate seeds and orange sections. I showed you how to easily seed pomegranates and now here is the way to section an orange.

1. Slice of the top and bottom
2. Cut off the skin in sections by slicing from the top and following the shape of the orange. Try to cut off as little as possible while removing the pith.
3. Clean off any white pith that is left over
4. Pick which section you are going to remove first and make a shallow cut as close to the membrane as possible and the right and left sides angling in so the section will come out. I do this by holding the orange in my hand, but this is hard to photograph.
5. Moving towards the right, place the knife by the left membrane of the next section and then the right membrane and loosen. Repeat until done.

I learned how to do this one year when I took a chef’s knife class. I had already been pretty comfortable with a 8-10″ blade since I had volunteered in a kitchen but this was a trick no one had every showed me. For an even better picture discription, check out this post on Beyond Salmon.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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