Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | December 7, 2009

menu for week of December 6

Although the idea behind menu plan Monday is to post a week of recipes beginning on Monday, that just doesn’t make as much sense to me as having the week start on Sunday since that is when I actually come up with the menus and that is also when I do the big shopping. So with that in mind, here’s my new way of doing this.

I was looking through on of my cookbooks yesterday for some inspiration and found a ton of things to make this week.  Thank you Bon Appetit fast easy fresh.  One big theme of dishes I am yearning to make is various roast chickens. Now here’s the thing, making a roast chicken in this household doesn’t make a ton of sense and I always feel like a big part of it goes to waste. There are only two and a half of us and the munchkin doesn’t usually like my cooking these days (unless I trick her with chopsticks). So even though the recipes call for a whole chicken, I’m making just breasts.

Sunday – cedar plank salmon in the oven (wasn’t great)
Monday – Greek-style roast chicken
Tuesday – pizza
Wednesday – lamb chops with dried onions (my own recipe, I’ll post if it is decent)
Thursday – pasta
Friday – latkes and chicken
Saturday – out

The Greek-style chicken sounds pretty great and super-easy. It’s just lemon juice, garlic and oregano. Of course I’ll serve it with roasted potatoes, hummus and salad.

For more menus, check out


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