Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | December 16, 2009

taking a break

I’m sitting here, getting ready to listen to/half watch “Sing Off,” wondering where this show was when I was in a semi-pro a cappella group. On many levels I feel like I “should” be doing many other things – folding laundry, cleaning the house, picking up the munchkin. But I just need a rest.

My parents were here for 5 days and while that was absolutely wonderful, I need a vacation myself now. I can’t seem to motivate myself. Ever had a day like that? Blah! At least I’m accomplishing the feat of getting dinner ready – the brown rice has been cooked (and extras ready for the freezer) and I’ve got a new recipe of Asian style beef in the crockpot.

I have also been looking for new ways to save money and still eat in a healthy way. Last week at a playgroup one of the other mom’s mentioned that a local food co-op was starting up here. After some online searching today I found it and am becoming a charter member. We live in farming country and there is great produce and fresh meats to be had. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a CSA and I’m thrilled that one is starting up here.

So that’s my situation in a nutshell. I haven’t finished stuff for my holiday cards yet. I have a few gifts that still need to be sent. There is a warm bed calling my name, but I think it’s time to go get the munchkin.


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