Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | December 21, 2009

menu and quick food thoughts

I don’t really have time to write this, but I wanted to get it out. So here is the quick and dirty…

This is my clean out the freezer and pantry prior to hitting costco and trader joe’s. I shopped yesterday and had planned this out before I went.

Monday: Vegetable soup & baked potatoes
Tuesday: Garlic rubbed steak (TJs) with broccoli & cauliflower
Wednesday: Pizza
Thursday: Chicken with tomatoes and olives
Friday: Chinese beef stirfry (Jewish xmas after all)
Saturday: Pasta

Also, since it’s a menu day, I thought I’d share some of the food items that make me happy right now

* Amy’s Kitchen Mattar Paneer
* TJ’s Take Out Thali – Awadhi Aloo (peas & potatoes), Dal Palak and Brown Rice
* TJ’s Everything Pretzel Slims
* TJ’s Dark Chocolate Pretzel Slims
* Sensible Foods Crunch Time Snacks
* CA slab dried apricots – but why are they so much more expensive?

Happy eating!


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