Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | December 22, 2009

boycotting pink

There is a great post on the NYTimes blog, motherlode, today about “Boycotting Pink Toys for Girls.” Very interesting article. I posted a comment…

When I found out that I was having a girl I was thrilled, but I have always hated pink. I even went so far as to request that people buying gifts for her didn’t go pink crazy and I decorated her room in lilac and green. Funny thing is, like many girls, she gravitated towards it (and happens to look adorable in it). And while she is in many ways a girly-girl, she is also very happy to play with her hot wheels, kick the soccer ball, has a fascination with trains and loves to build cars with her legos.

I wouldn’t go so far as “pink stinks” but I agree that we need to find some kind of happy medium. Dressing a girl in all pink before she can verbalize that this is what she wants is slightly crazy. Not allowing boys to play with dolls is sad. The advertising and marketing industries have always tried to find something that can quickly and easily grab your attention to let you know who their items are for so I don’t think the pink/blue distinction is going to go away any time soon. However, when companies package the same item in different girl/boy packages I would tend to agree that there is something wrong with their thinking. Scrabble is for everyone. Toy kitchens are for everyone, and I know many little boys who love the one we have.

The big change can only come from parents who encourage their children to be open minded and to love things both “girlish” and “boyish.” In the meantime we can encourage other colors like purple, green and yellow. There is a whole world of colors out there.


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