Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | January 3, 2010

a healthy new lifestyle

I hate to make it seem like a resolution when it’s been something that I’ve been working towards for quite some time, but that’s the way it happens some times. Like many people, I’ve been annoyed by weight gain and I’m trying to do something about it. I’ve been really good in the past few months going to the gym, but I know that my routine has stagnated. Well, this just happens to be the time that I’m finally making some of the necessary changes, but like my friend T said, there is something that demands that you follow through when you post it for the world to see. So I’m going to attempt to do the same thing.

A few things that are already in motion…
* new bathing suit on the way for a swim routine
* trying to shower at the gym to keep me moving on on post-workout routine (ie work)
* trying to go to bed earlier
* we don’t eat much in the way of processed food and in general are pretty healthy

Things that I’m looking at to help make more of a difference
* considering – not sure about the taking pills part, but the customized plan etc might move me. More to come on that as I look into it.
* cut out the snacking

One thing that T mentioned in her plan (the mayo clinic diet) is that she was going to try to limit screen time to equal the amount of time spent exercising. That’s a great idea, but not reasonable for my life. I have, however, been trying to cut back on it. I’m still in my reading insanity so I’ve been doing more of that and it is good to have silence in the house, but between work and simply trying to keep up with the outside world, I do spend a good amount of time on the computer. I will try to cut back, but I’m not sure how reasonable that is.

I big issue that I’ve always faced is that I know I don’t eat the right portion sizes. I eat healthy, but I eat too much and I do graze between meals. The idea of keeping a food journal horrifies me, but maybe that’s what I’ll have to face. Not yet though. I do have a variety of teas in the house and I think that keeping hydrated truly does help keep your hunger at bay, so I’ll start by focusing on that.

I’ve also been contemplating getting a wii fit. It could be a birthday present if I decide to go that route, but I figure that when I need to take a break from working or cleaning the house and I’m home during the day, I can always take a break that way (and that would be screen time that is also exercise so it cancels itself out). It’s another “fun” way to get some exercise into my life.

So that’s the plan. I don’t believe in scales, so I won’t be monitoring that, but I understand my body and what it feels to be healthy. My goal is to get back to the way I looked for my wedding. Granted, that was pre-child, but heck, I’d be okay with my pre-baby body too.

To anyone else with this goal – good luck!



  1. i agree, the screen time thing will be hard, but work does not count. i spend a lot of time looking for houses for bryce or reading blogs, finding recipes and all of that…so it will be interesting to see how it goes.
    i realize that i failed to mention you leaving me in kansas in my year end wrap up. doesn’t mean i love you any less.

    happy new year michelle! here is to happier, healthier and perhaps even smaller versions of us! šŸ™‚

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