Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | January 4, 2010

this is how it starts…

So apparently 2010 is the year for things to be different. This seems to be the time when everyone wants to make healthy changes. I wrote my last post because my friend T had written something similar and talked about having the support of friends. I decided that my blog was a good place for me to hold myself accountable and be public about my own journey. I know that I feel better when I write and if I can vent about what I’m going through and someone else gets strength from it, then I’m getting somewhere. So T started a google group and now there are a bunch of us finding support from each other. Today seems to have been the day for people to write out why they decided to make a change and what has gotten them to this point. I’m writing mine here and then will shorten it for the group.

I have been watching what I eat for as long as I can remember. I have never been what you would call “thin.” I like to think of it as big boned, but the fact of the matter is, I don’t come from a small family. I come from good Eastern European Jewish stock and I come from a family of women who have always struggled with weight. I’ve had issues since I was a kid, but the biggest hurdle for me came when I was 16 and had seizures. The medication they wound up putting me on had a history of either making people lose anorexic amounts of weight or put on a ton – I of course gained weight. Then I hit college and all of the stress that went along with that and some additional crap I threw in there to make it fun. I started losing some of it after moving to NY and rediscovering myself…it probably didn’t hurt that being NY you also walk everywhere and I lived in a walk-up the 6 years that I was there. I hit my happiest weight right before my wedding. I am an emotional eater. When I’m really happy, I don’t eat as much and man was I happy then. The seamstress fixing my dress actually told me to stop losing weight. That was the first (and probably last) time that I ever heard that. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight. I knew that my expensive dress was already being reworked and had heard horror stories of brides who lost too much right before the big day.

I got pregnant 6 months after we got married and I was at the weight my body wanted to be. I only gained a total of 20 pounds during my pregnancy and it came off really quickly due to some other medical issues after my beautiful daughter was born. One of the big issues I was facing was that I actually wasn’t eating enough, I didn’t know how to find the time. Then I went back to work and dealt with the real issues of having a full time job and a baby while your husband is in residency. I don’t know exactly what happened, but the weight came back. A big issue is probably that once I had my munchkin, the gym became a thing of the past. The past few years have had their own challenges and I think I’m about 25 pounds heavier then where my body is happy. So I’m trying to get back to that “happy” weight.

I know the “right” things to eat, I just often eat portions that are too large and/or I binge on things I know I shouldn’t. Snacking is my other big issue. We have things like m&ms around the house because it’s the one sweet tooth item my husband has and my daughter thinks of them as a reward with potty training (ugh!). I also work at home now so it’s always around. I’m trying to be more conscious about the things I put in my mouth. I’m very aware of making sure that my daughter learns healthy eating habits and am proud to say that she thinks salad is fabulous. The only way that she will learn the right lessons is by watching me.

I know that it isn’t all about eating right, we have to exercise too. I joined the gym as soon as we moved to NC and have been going regularly. The holidays got me off my routine, but I’m back on it and trying some new things to change up my workout. The swimsuit I ordered arrived today and I’m going to try the 0 to 1650 routine and I work with a personal trainer once a week. I like feeling fit so I know that it’s worth it. Plus again, since I work at home, going to the gym in the morning, it’s a nice place to see familiar faces and say hi to my other mommy friends.

So I love that we are starting this group as a place of support. I read all of my food magazines and blogs and there is information going round and round in my head. This is a reason to start writing about it more often. I have always been fascinated with food and the comforts of the kitchen, now I’m just trying to write about that while also making the changes necessary to keep me healthy.




  1. What a beautiful bride you were! Your dress was gorgeous.
    Sounds like you have a plan – I’m sure you’ll get to your goal. It can be very, very hard to treat ourselves well when we’re caring for kids and working – but try to make yourself a priority!

  2. Thanks Jenn! This has been a long time coming. I have to do it for me and for my family. Getting healthy is both physical and mental. Definitely tough with little ones, but we can do it.

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