Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | January 13, 2010

kitchen adventures

I’ve been trying out some new stuff in the kitchen and so far so good. The munchkin still won’t eat any chicken that I cook, but I keep trying. At least her favorite thing is vegetables. Tonight she had a dinner of baby corn, sugar snap peas, orange bell pepper and navy beans. She gets enough protein at school and eats yogurt for breakfast every day so I’m not worried.

So first off, I have been trying to figure out better ways to be resourceful with the food we eat. I love to make various roast chicken dishes, but even when we just buy two breasts instead of the whole chicken, there are always leftovers. Apparently I’m not the only one trying to do this these days, as I recently read a great post at This Week for Dinner about a similar goal but it’s her new years resolution. I’m doing it more as a cost effective thing, but I like the idea of it also being more sustainable.

Anyway, I made chicken in the crockpot last Friday and of course we had leftovers. So for Monday’s dinner, I experimented with making chicken tacos, but with doing something to oomph up the chicken. So here’s what I did.

First I shredded the chicken

Then I minced 2 cloves of garlic and sauteed that with half of a yellow onion

I added some chicken broth (I wasn’t measuring) and cumin, cajun season and chili powder

I let that simmer for a while and served with tortillas with corn, red peppers, lettuce and salsa.

Tonight for dinner, I decided to try Satay Wraps with ground chicken instead of ground beef. I knew that my husband is a big fan of satay at Thai restaurants so this seemed like a natural thing to do. When he saw what I was making he was rather confused and I think on some levels wished I was more like his mother who made the same menu every week and never really ventured to something new. Sorry, he married the wrong person! : )   Anyway, the good news is that he loved the wraps. They were quite good, although I only used about half the sauce it called for. But now I have really yummy peanut sauce left over. I also made a simple broccoli slaw with a little rice wine vinegar, vegetable oil and sesame oil. Delish!

Happy eating!


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