Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | January 22, 2010

menu planning frustration

You know, planning a weekly menu is really a challenge. I’ve been trying to do this for a while and sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. Today isn’t a busy work day so I’m surfing recipe sites to figure out some new things. My big twist is this new impulse to cut back on meat. There are obviously tons of recipes out there for vegetarians, but finding ones that I think all three of us will like is a huge challenge. Anyone have great suggestions?

Right now, I’m looking at making a butternut squash soup in the beloved crockpot and doing Indian one night. Oy, Indian from scratch, I must be nuts.

I guess my problem is two fold.

1) It is really important to me that people like what I cook. Since most of the time that means my husband and daughter, I’m working on a tough sell. I actually think I don’t give my husband enough credit for his willingness to try new things, but it comes back to this fear of him not liking it. I just want people to like me! : )

2) I am dealing with 2 finicky eaters. As I said, I think my husband is willing to try more than I give him credit for, but there are certain things he isn’t a huge fan that makes it tough for me. As I go searching for recipes, one  big thing that stands out to me is that he’s not a big fan of one dish meals.  For example, I have this great looking recipe for vegetable biryani that I think he’d eat, but only with more food. Then again, that does fall into the Indian category so I can make it along with either the vegetable and chick pea curry that calls to me or the Gobi Matar Sabzi that looks pretty good too.

I realize that some of the idea of “cutting back” is not to have completely vegetarian meals, but to make smaller portions of meat. I’m not completely forgetting that part. Some of my stir fry type dishes work well for this. Perhaps even making batches, freezing portions and doing lots of little items on the plate will work. Ha! My husband had no idea what he was getting himself into marrying someone who likes to play with her food.


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