Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | March 10, 2010

there’s a shrimp in my eggroll

I have not completely disappeared. I’m still here. There have been a lot of things on my mind lately that I wasn’t ready to write about. Caution is now being thrown to the wind.

The news is that, as my husband would say, there is a shrimp in my eggroll. He had never really heard of the term “bun in the oven,” and when a friend posted that as her status on facebook, he came up with a term of his own. It’s funny because the first time around I was so careful to not tell people until I finished out the first trimester. I even was at a party where someone else announced she was expecting and I didn’t say anything, even though I was a few weeks further along then she was. I’m not sure if it is the fact that second pregnancies are just inherently different or the fact that I have been so unbearably sick, but this one isn’t a secret anymore and hasn’t been for people who have seen me – it’s hard to hide when you’re not eating and smells can be deadly.

I’m about 11 weeks along at this point and impatiently waiting for the first trimester to be done and gone. This has been a ton worse than when I was pregnant with the munchkin, partially of course because I have a high strung toddler to chase after this time around. I wasn’t surprised when week 7 hit and so did the “morning sickness,” I was just shocked at the strength. Having a sinus infection at the same time didn’t help. All I can say is thank goodness for zofran. It isn’t helping me eat, but at least it is keeping me from constantly tossing my cookies. Just in the past day or so, my appetite and energy are finally coming back and I am emerging from my deep dark cave.

From a medical perspective, a lot has changed since my last go round. I was really shocked by the fact that the ob’s around here go straight for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy – I had already missed my period twice and had a ton of other symptoms, did we really question my pregnancy status? While I don’t like that from a cost standpoint (one of my complaints about medicine as an industry that is out to make money), it is always amazing to see your baby. The heartbeat was very strong and apparently things look good. We’ll have another ultrasound in a few weeks to test for some of the bigger issues, which in the past was always done later on with a blood test. And then another around 20 weeks. Modern medicine.

So that’s where I’ve been. There are other things going on, but it’s hard to write about much of anything without dealing with this. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m a little bit back to normal.



  1. YAY!!!!!
    i am so excited for you all… i just hope you are feeling better soon.

    i can’t form any other thoughts right now except YAY!!!! and i hope its a boy. hahahaha.
    love you mama!

  2. CONGRATS! you want to know something really weird…..i had a feeling you were expecting and was meaning to send you a note but haven’t taken the time (things are a little crazy lately) so i was glad you posted this. keep me posted.

  3. WOOT!!
    That is exciting news!!

    Congratulations!! And WOOT!! again.. (sigh.. terra gets YAY and i get WOOT… i’m such a dork)

    Love ya lady! And I am so very happy for you!

  4. Congratulations! That’s so exciting. It’s been one month since Benjamin was born and I’m loving being a Mommy. Remember that feeling next time you feel yucky. I don’t remember the morning sickness or the pain of labor when I look at my little peanut. 🙂

  5. thanks all! I’m very excited, just looking forward to feeling a bit better.

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