Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | May 22, 2010

baby blanket

I have finally gotten back to crocheting and I realized how much I missed it. As you can tell from the colors above, we’re expecting a girl. I still can’t believe I’m making something that’s pink, but as you’ll see from the progression, there is also blue being used.

The pattern is one that I found on ravelry and had seen this beautiful finished work…

The pattern itself calls for some really ugly white blocks (see picture below), but this version of it really grabbed my attention.

I’m using 2 pinks, a red and 2 blues with white for edging and in between the colors. When I started playing around with the pattern itself, I found that it was done in a really annoying style. It made beautiful ribbing, but wasn’t worth the hassle. So I changed things up a bit and this is coming along really quickly.

It’s funny because I had forgotten how much I love to crochet. The last project that I had been working on is a knitted sweater and it seems to never be getting finished, or touched for that matter. This, however, I can’t put down. I knew when I started the 2 blankets that the munchkin got that I liked crochet more, but this solidifies it. We’ll be leaving for Israel next week and this is the project for the flights. We’ll have to see how far I get on it.

The interesting thing is that working on this is another reminder of trying to get back to doing things that are important to me. You get so lost in parenthood that you forget to do things that mean something to you as an individual. I’ve clung to working as something that makes me me, but there are also the fun things. Obviously I read a lot (16 books finished so far in 2010, here’s the list). But there has to be more than that since reading is such a solitary thing. In a small town it is harder for me to do the things that mean something to me and even to find people who like the stuff that I do. I’ve been missing singing a ton, but I don’t really think I’m going to be finding somewhere to sing around here. But I have to find that stuff, like crochet, that makes me feel like an individual.  Perhaps I can find some other mothers to join a crafting group, if only we could figure out what to do with the kids while we do our stuff. It’s all a process. I’ll try to post my progress on the blanket as it goes along.



  1. SO colorful and cute. I wish i have that talent like yours 😦

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