Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | June 16, 2010

things that make you go what?

I’m working on a post about our trip to Israel, but until then, I had to share some other random thoughts. I’m looking through a selection of items that are getting free shipping this week from Williams-Sonoma and have found some gadgets that just make me scratch my head and say, “seriously?” Now I love me some kitchen gadgets, but I guess I’ve never had enough space or disposable income to buy some of the stuff that is out there that just seems so incredibly unnecessary when all you really need is a good sharp chef’s knife. Here’s what I mean…

This is a handy dandy mushroom slicer which “catches them in a container for easy transfer to a pan, serving plate, or bowl.” Because you know, it’s really difficult to use a knife and then move them into a bowl with your hand. Definitely something to spend $15 on and then find space for in your kitchen.

Okay, this one actually makes sense if you eat a lot of soft boiled eggs. I think I’m just amazed by the concept of being so elegant in your egg eating and the egg holders make me laugh.

Seriously, do people have so much money and space that they buy a tool for one item of food?

I guess that if I had a ginormous kitchen with tons of drawer space I might buy some of these silly things, but that’s not currently in my reality. Which I guess is also why I don’t shop at Williams-Sonoma in general.

I am, however, using a gift card to buy this beauty and spending the extra $20 for stainless steel. Someday I’ll have the kitchen of my dreams. For now I’ll just be snarky about those that already do.


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