Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | June 22, 2010

ahava addiction

People who know me know that I’m not big into products. I almost never wear makeup, I buy basic hair products and I don’t spend a lot of time prettying myself. I know that my skin regimen leaves something to be desired and that in the not so distant future I’m going to be kicking myself for not taking better care of my skin. Well, I think my trip to Israel might have helped a little because I came back from Israel with a new addiction – I love Ahava (pretty fitting since the name means love).

When we finished climbing Masada, okay, when everyone else finished climbing Masada and I finished dealing with the heat and tour guide, a few of us girls waited for people to finish the climb down by shopping in the Ahava factory store at the bottom of the hill. While R got all the love from the sales guy, that didn’t stop me from finding some great products. My first shopping trip got me these…

This is Ahava Stress Melt Butter Salt. I haven’t actually used it yet, but R and E swear by it so much that if it does wind up getting gifted to someone, they want to make sure I buy another for myself. Considering how wonderful it was to rub the salt from the dead sea on my legs as we were getting out from our floating adventure, I have a feeling this is pretty amazing.

I got a variety of their dermud products which “contain Dead Sea mud in a unique patented formulation and are rich in moisture-enabling minerals and other soothing, natural agents.” Hopefully this will help with my major breakouts of eczema on my hands and a certain someone’s abused feet. With the crazy humidity we’re dealing with here, I can’t quite tell the effects of this stuff yet, but winter time means dry skin so this will be a blessing then (especially the shower creme).

Then we actually went to the Dead Sea and I got to see and feel how amazing it was to have that mineral rich mud on my face and body and I actually had to go shopping again. Luckily, there was another factory outlet steps from our hotel. That is when I bought my most favorite of purchases…

This is Purifying Mud Mask. Prior to the trip I really wanted a facial. Now I don’t need one. This stuff is amazing! Clears up my skin like you wouldn’t believe and all it takes is a few minutes in the shower. I put it on after I get my hair wet and by the time I’m ready to wash the conditioner out of my hair it’s ready to come off. Luckily, I’ve found a few places online that sell it cheaper then the Ahava website does.

My final purchase happened at the airport. We had some shekels to get rid of and there wasn’t much we really wanted or needed, so I easily hit the duty free store and got more Ahava. This time it was moisturizing soap. My husband laughed at me, but I love this stuff. Ani ohev Ahava (I love Ahava).



  1. So what’s the cheaper website? I need a facial badly!!!

  2. seems to be $10 cheaper then places like amazon or the ahava website.

  3. Thanks for the site. I’m going to order some stuff. What do you like best after the mask?

  4. Hello, I commented on you freshly pressed post and was musing through your other musings today.

    You have a little bit of everything on your blog — crochet, products, friendships,Israel. Very interesting.

    I think I’ll order the Ahava mask for my daughter who has acne. Sounds like it could help her.

    Well, may God bless you, your family, and your blog. 🙂


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