Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | June 24, 2010

hits, clicks and whatchamacallits

Yesterday, my Israel post was featured on the freshly pressed section of’s website. That led to way more people reading this blog then I have ever had. It was nice, but incredibly overwhelming and the number of comments that it elicited blew my mind.

I’m used to this blog being read by a handful of people and 95% of those people know who I am. Yesterday brought over 1000 page views compared to my normal 10. It also turned my simple way of trying to allow my friends and family to see my trip to Israel into a wash of political statements. I tried to let most of them through, but there were a few comments that I found offensive and I trashed them. I know that the topic of Israel brings up a lot of strong feelings for a lot of people, but my blog is not a place to voice that.

For anyone who found my blog because of that post welcome. As you’ll see, I am all over the place with my posts – hence the name random musings.  I have political viewpoints, but I don’t broadcast them….okay, I don’t broadcast most of them. There are a few that get me truly fired up, but those are usually more social in nature.

I’m not sure how professional bloggers do it. I guess usually their blogs are more focused on one type of topic and so posts with tons of comments excite them. If they are political in nature, they expect some kind of political response. I mainly read blogs about cooking, crafts and little kids, so people don’t generally get so incensed – usually comments on those sites are more likely to be full of excitement for a new recipe or thing to do. I love getting comments, but the reality is that I write to keep in touch with the people I miss since I keep moving away from them. This is a blog about friendship, love and the bonds that connect us so yesterday was just plain weird.


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