Posted by: michelle @ books my kids read | September 12, 2010

munchkin music

One of the nice things about reading other people’s blogs is that sense that you are not alone in what’s going on in your life.  Whether it is a child’s adamant refusal to eat, or even try, certain foods or another mom’s struggle with children’s music. Somehow it makes you feel not quite so alone in your struggles to raise a toddler.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my need to find the munchkin new music. Well, I actually had some success. I found some music by doing searches on my own that night (and staying up way later than I intended). But there was also a moment of kismet – the same day that I had written that post, the munchkin had a play date at a friend’s house while I went in for a sonogram. I came back to find all of the kids dancing around and playing musical instruments. It was fabulous. Exactly what I wanted my little one to be doing. The following week I got some CDs from her and added to my collection. I was actually somewhat shocked at how excited the munchkin was at some of the Disney songs that I didn’t even realize she liked.

So between the music that K gave me and the tons that I bought, we now have a revised collection that doesn’t include Dora or Sesame Street. We can easily take an hour car ride and she’ll sing the entire way. I also get a kick watching her dance around the house to some of the songs, even using a microphone and getting up on a makeshift stage.

Since I know that I’m not alone in my need to find decent music for a toddler to listen to, that doesn’t make me want to tear my hair out, I decided to put up an imix of a small selection. This is some of her current favorites, or at least those that are available on itunes. Hopefully this will help inspire others.



  1. Hey Michelle.. Hope you and kidos are well. I remembered you posting something about kids music and went searching your blog to find i was Right! Well.. the reason is that I recently found this and thought you and the girls might really like.

    Hope you all are doing good. We miss you in KC!

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