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a birth story

We’ve been a little busy here, but I have missed blogging, so I am going to attempt to get back to writing. It might take me multiple sittings to get a single post out, but I think that it is worthwhile.

Seven weeks ago today I wrote this post about my frustrations of being over 40 weeks pregnant. When I went to my doctor’s appointment that morning, we decided it was time to schedule the induction for Friday. That night, my water broke. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on since a) they broke my water in the hospital with baby J, b) there was no big gush about the whole thing and c) I wasn’t having contractions. I was actually getting up to go to the munchkin’s room because she needed something in her attempt to go to sleep when I started leaking. It seemed inconsequential and I knew that I wanted to go without an epidural as long as possible, so I started trying to figure out if I did in fact need to go to the hospital. Within the next hour, I made the decision that I did in fact have to go in because there was too much liquid coming out. Thank goodness my parents were in town so we called them up to sleep at our house with the munchkin. Of course, Murphy’s law that it is, my husband was on call that night, so we also had to make a decision to go in sooner rather than later so that he could call one of his partners to possibly deal with his pages. By 11pm I had been admitted.

As I mentioned, I really wanted to do this and actually be able to feel what was going on. I knew that in the long run I would get an epidural, but I wanted it to be minimal and I wanted to start the process off without it. The labor & delivery staff were great about that, even if I did get laughed at a touch for being unwilling to be wheeled up to the L&D ward when I was perfectly capable of walking myself there. I was on machines for 15 minutes and off for 45 so I could walk around, use the birthing ball and generally be out of bed. My labor actually progressed, whereas with J, even on pitocin I wasn’t dilating much. I came in at 0-1 cm and by the time I asked for the epidural I was around 5.

There is an hour between asking for the epidural and it actually being started. During that time I was on pain meds and in the bed. Seriously, I don’t know how women do this completely undrugged, but everyone has their own different tolerances for pain. Anyway, things seemed to be going well for me. After the epidural was put in, everyone was busy doing things and I started asking if I was going to get a catheter put in. It wasn’t that I felt they weren’t doing their jobs, but I thought that I was wetting myself and it was slightly disgusting. They were just waiting for me to get a bit more numb before they put it in. Okay….wait a few more minutes and they finally decide that it’s time. My urologist husband leaves the room (sorry honey, it’s just too funny), and that’s when they notice that the wetness I was complaining about isn’t urine, it’s blood. Lots of blood. Cue the OB who fortunately was on the floor getting ready for the 5:30am scheduled inductions. He didn’t seem overly concerned and wanted to just watch it. All of vital signs of both the baby and me seemed to be stable and good. The labor nurses, on the other hand, were not so thrilled with his decision and started prepping me for surgery even though they hadn’t been told that it was necessary.

Of course, the bleeding didn’t stop and I was quickly wheeled down to the OR. One nice thing about your husband being a surgeon in the hospital you are at is that everyone knew him and seemed to be taking extra special care of us. Everything happened incredibly quickly and at 6:25am my beautiful baby E was born. I hadn’t realized how frightened I was of everything that was happening until I heard her cry. I got to hold her briefly and then my husband and a nurse left to take care of her. Turns out that my cervix tore and my placenta ruptured, so they weren’t done with me. While the doctor continued to work, I wasn’t feeling so hot. At one point, I had to tell them that I was going to be sick. Turns out that losing all that blood can do that to you. They gave me some drugs and next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.

Not exactly the way that I planned this birth. But the important part is that 7 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We thought that she was going to be on the smaller side since I didn’t gain any weight, but she was 8 pounds 9 ounces, just like her big sister. She continues to grow and at 5 weeks 2 days she was already 12 pounds.

sisterly love (9 days)

Big sister J has done beautifully with our new addition. Of course there are some issues here and there, but overall I can’t complain. J wants to help out in many ways and always wants to make sure that she kisses her baby sister before going to bed. This is not my blog of photos, but here are a few favorites…

Yo wassup (5 days old)

10 days

big sister/little sister (5 weeks)

tummy time (7 weeks)



  1. welcome baby E!!!

    so glad you are all doing well! is there a picture blog somewhere that i am missing out on?

    love you people!

  2. I’m so glad you’re all doing well! Your daughters are adorable, can’t wait to meet E ❤

  3. Love the smile in the last one!

  4. Ahhh, so much beauty and goodness and adorableness in one little blog post. So happy for you and miss you much!

  5. Oh my goodness, she is beautiful! And you look so great… and wow, wow, wow! So happy for you guys. xoxoxo Sorry it was a little scary, but so glad you are all doing so well. I just posted about our little addition and it took me a month to find the time to write it… having 2 is pretty crazy. 🙂

    love you!

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